Pack A Bag & Go

About Scott Ford

Scott Ford is a 33-year-old Free-quent Flyer living in Portland, OR native to Dayton, OH. He has made a career out of traveling the world, visiting over 400 cities worldwide and flying nearly 1 million miles — without opening his wallet — and is currently embarking on a media tour to show the world how people just like you can do the same thing.

After leaving his job in New York City in 2008, Scott decided to “Pack A Bag & Go” to the airport and indulge his passion for travel. Now residing in Portland, OR, his mission is to make Pack A Bag & Go a household name and a resource for those who have a desire to travel and see the world.

Scott is available for interviews, media appearances, and speaking engagements; Scott and Pack A Bag & Go are also open to additional sponsorships and partnerships. For any inquiries, please send a message using the contact page.

You can also connect with Scott on Facebook and Twitter.

Some of Scott’s Recent Media Appearances