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You paid 300.00 for a hotel room? No longer…

Did you know you can use airline miles for hotels? It’s true through Delta Airlines you can use miles through: Don’t worry about the price use miles before they expire. I have travelled for years using miles for hotel night stays. Fact, I have saved thousands of dollars. Why pay 100’s of dollars a night when your hotel is already earned free from airline miles? Plus, when you book the hotel room with miles, inquire when you check in on that king room paid ask for a FREE room upgrade, also ask for COMPLIMENTARY breakfast. Don’t forget to present your hotel loyalty card to show to the hotel–you can also earn points through the HOTEL on the free night. Double dip and still earn points and miles.


When I hear people tell me they spent over one thousand dollars for a hotel room stay, I am in complete shock. I have to immediately stop them to inform them they simply could have used miles and their response is… ”What, I can use miles?”  Yes, you can use miles… It’s magical!


So, you find a hotel room through your airlines website, you need to book the hotel room using miles from now on. Here is a convenient tip. If you have two double beds in a room it may be more miles. However, if you book the one-king bed it may be less miles make sure you carefully look on the tabs of each screen before hitting “CONFIRM” because it’s final. Now, when booking through third party companies the only way you will get out of a cancellation? Provide documentation to support a family grievance. Any other exception you may be penalized for one night and that credit can be reused for a future hotel booking.


When you arrive at the hotel and check-in always remind yourself to check on the room upgrade. Because, if the hotel is not SOLD OUT and the upgrade is available and you are lucky to get the friendly hotel associate behind the counter to fulfill your request, slip a small gratuity. The least you can do. You have to remember the room is already FREE!


I live on airline miles. For me they are dollars back in my pocket. This should be the same for you. Credit cards offer points-miles programs with participating airlines call your customer service number from your credit card for inquires.  At the end of the day it’s all about miles and points you deserve! Have a great stay… SF

  • Linda Campbell

     I just found you by accident, signed up and sooo looking forward to your post.  I have been doing this this for some time on a much smaller basis. I now have a free short flight waiting in my travel folder.

  • Verbsdo

    Wow. Just, in a published blog no less, wow. I hope this helps: